Q: Who can join your program?
A: Anyone 18 years of age or older may join and use our advertising program. We accept world wide membership.

Q: How much does the membership cost?
A: Membership is FREE.

Q: Can I have multiple accounts in your program?
A: NO!

Q: What can I advertise?
A: You may use FreeBannerAdz for any LEGAL form of advertising, programs, or websites. However, If you are ever reported for running any form of illegal advertising, programs, or websites, or using our service to break the rules of other programs or websites, your account will be terminated with no questions asked!

Q: I mistakenly joined under the wrong sponsor?
A: Sorry, every visitor to the program is shown their sponsor in bright, red, text on the join page before joining. If you over looked this, and joined under the wrong person, your account information has already been placed into several tables in the database. This can not be changed once entered.

Q: I'm not getting any impressions or clicks on my ads?
A: Each member of the program is responsible for providing their own traffic. Traffic is not provided, mentioned, nor promised anywhere on the program pages.

Q: I have a question not answered here?
A: Simply click on the "HelpDesk" button at the top of this page to submit your question. If asked enough, the question would be added to the FAQ page. You will receive a reply as soon as possible.

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